Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Night Video Update: Latest Verdict on This Weekends Storm

The video below gives my latest thoughts and reviews today model guidance. Here is the summary:
  • A storm still looks to effect the east coast Sunday
  • There are currently two scenarios on the table
    • Scenario 1: storm stays out to sea with limited impacts
    • Scenario 2: Storm develops close enough to the coast to give many areas a moderate snowfall.
  • At this time I still am favoring scenario 2
  • I like the snow map I put out this morning with the band of 3-6 inches and will update it tomorrow morning
    • You will likely see amounts get adjusted downwards near Balt/Wash Phili areas due to warm surface temps
  • Overall I do not expect major travel impacts due to those warmer surface temps for the NYC metro
    • We will have to watch NW of I-95 in NJ if this storm trends a little west as temps will be colder
  • Up in New England road impacts will be greater due to the storm approaching closer to dark
  • Storm should be completely over by Monday morning

More info in the video below. Stay tuned for updated map tomorrow morning.

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