Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday Night Comment: Busted Forecast

Quick note tonight. I will have much more detail tomorrow morning on the long range. Things will stay very active through Valentines Day and I have my eye on a potential storm threat early next week.

But for now, this forecast today was a bust. Doesn't bother me too much due to the fact it is so hard to predict inverted troughs. But in any event this sums it up...

Some local areas will do well with over 3 inches. Most others will see an inch or two from this. Thank. On the bright side, I did a very decent job with Storm 1 on Monday up in eastern New England. I will show the verification map once that is available.

More in the morning. 


  1. Hey Willy, you get into the WX game, you're gonna get some wrong, goes with the turf. I appreciate what you do, though, in admitting when you got it wrong and then going over what really did happen. It helps us all to learn. From what little I can see from out here in the bleachers, looks like a + NAO pattern is taking hold, like last winter. Could be with us for a while. Looks like lots of storm activity will happen over the next 10 days, as soon as this Arctic deep-freeze trough passes. With the + NAO, though, the trend will hopefully be "move along", no 12 in + snow events. Looks like the Euro, Canadian and GEFS are anticipating a lot of water coming down over us, in various forms, over the 15th to 19th period (i.e. next week). The GFS looks like the contrarian, less than 1/2 inch of liquid. Will be interesting to see how that works out. Jim G

    1. Thanks Jim! This next storm will be a mess, not all rain but a mess to say the least. We then got one more big shot of winter late feb into early march then game over.