Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Night Video Discussion: Breaking Down the Weekend Storm Threat

Video below gives a detailed breakdown of factors behind the evolution of the weekend storm (for those of you who are interested in the fine details). One things for sure this will still change. However, I highlight a few key factors and how I think they will evolve. Summary of updated thoughts are:

  • Storm very likely for this weekend to effect the Northeast
  • Details still need to be worked out as always
  • As stands its rain for the Midatlantic and snow for New England
  • This will change if we see the factors I discuss in the video trend properly
  • The result that would put NW of I-95 in the game for winter precipitation 
IF everything comes together perfectly this storm has major potential. Trends are key next few days!

I will try to have a preliminary prediction by tomorrow night. For now I just want to discuss the evolution. 


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. You do not push the panic button. Can't wait until I read SNOW is coming.