Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Morning Weather Update

Models are finally starting to converge on a scenario for Tuesday in the Northeast. I am not going to change my map because I think it has the overall right idea. This is it below..

Here is the bottom line:
  • Anywhere south of MA, this is nothing to write home about.
    • some front end snow sleet maybe in light green area quickly changing to rain Tuesday morning. 
  • Up in VT, I expect an initial heavy thump of snow early Tuesday morning changing to sleet by mid morning.
    • Northern VT,NH and Maine have the best shot at the most snow represented by the dark blue area.
    • The initial thump should bring several inches to ski areas 
  • This all clears out by end of the day Tuesday and earlier in tri-state area
  • Overall it will be nice for ski areas to add to their base but unless your going to Jay Peak not worth the trip

Now I will do a bigger breakdown of the overall weather pattern tomorrow but I am extremely confident that this pattern change is coming and coming in hard. Starting around the New Year a lot of folks are going to be scratching their head wondering where it all came from. Not Weatherwilly's followers however ;-)

I did a lot of analysis on this pattern change over the last 2 weeks you can find in my old posts. I will update that tomorrow. 

Fun times ahead, stay tuned! 

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