Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Morning Update

Too bad we will miss the mid-week storm, it def had some potential. Expect cold conditions to continue through the week and a warmer conditions arriving by the time we get to later in the weekend. I think this small warm up ends up becoming a head fake and the colder than normal conditions could prevail at least through the second week of March before spring really shows its face. In any event, we are very close to the end of winter here and as the weeks go by our chances for snowstorms will diminish rapidly. Realistically we have about 2.5 weeks left of action before it becomes very difficult to get a storm. Will this winter go out with a bang? We will have to wait and see.

I do not have much more to add today. I will keep monitoring this pattern and hone in on if I think there is anything worth talking about. This morning was another record cold morning and many locations went sub zero. In terms of temperatures the last month has really be incredible and historic. 

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  1. Learn something new from your posts all the time. Learned in the last one that there are really TWO ridges in the NW responsible for this crazy, unseasonably cold weather pattern down here in NJ. There's the one near the OR/WA/BC coast, and then there's the one further NW over AK (which if I understand correctly is more inherent to the EPO index, or vice versa). So those normal Arctic cold flows (pretty normal, given the slightly + AO index) are sort-of getting double-teamed and forcefully thrown to the south-east by this duo. Don't remember ever seeing/experiencing anything like this in late February -- would be extraordinary for even late January! I'm not a cold-weather person so it can be pretty miserable, but understanding what is going on helps a bit. It's definitely interesting! Thanks much Willy for helping us all to understand all this increasingly crazy weather a little better. During Sandy a few years ago, I was standing in the street outside my place and the old guy next door came out and said "you'll probably never see anything like this again". To which I said "oh, wouldn't be so sure about THAT." Jim G