Friday, December 5, 2014

The Friday Night Update: Storm Continues to Be Modeled Stronger and Stronger

What the models did today specifically the European and British was unbelievable. As of now both models are all in on a Major storm next week that stalls out and deeply intensifies. This will have big impacts on the whole mid-atlantic and Northeast. Anyone from I-95 northwest really needs to be on the lookout for significant snow, particularity in New England.  Even areas down to the coast could see snow on the back end of this storm. The reason is the storm is modeled to become so deep it actually manufactures its own cold air towards the end of the event. This just might have the makings of a classic. I think by tomorrow night we will know if Classic is the correct term. I will warn however, speaking from experience I can tell you a storm like this will be very hard to nail down particulars. Cut off lows are extremely hard for the models to handle. 

The timing on this is potentially Monday night into Wednesday Afternoon.  I am going to put out my first real prediction this weekend when the models can properly sample the disturbances. Stay tuned!

Here is a general graphic I drew summarizing my thoughts at this time. I will prefect this over the weekend with my first released forecast.

And one more thing. Do not believe the hype out there that winter is over. Due to the reasons I discussed back in my November 29th post it is game on from mid-month on for cold weather. 

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