Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday September 8th: Fall Has Arrived

The heat has broken and we are now experiencing fall like conditions over our area. These conditions will continue into early next week where temperatures will struggle to break 80 on the hottest days. Looking ahead to this weekend, we can see some unsettled conditions with temps struggling to break 70! As I said fall is knocking on the door.

Here is the pattern change in terms of temps at 5,000ft relative to normal.

As you can see will be a big shot of polar air in the central US this week and this will bleed over to the east but moderate a little by this weekend..

As the air arrives it will bring along with it a front later this week which can bring some unsettled conditions Thursday night..

The real concern for rain, however, looks to be this weekend where low pressure will develop along this front and possibly have some tropical influence. This would mean a lot of rain for our area and not a pleasant weekend..

Before we write off the weekend lets wait and see how and if this evolves.

More later this week. 


  1. Yikes. Family outdoor bday party this weekend on Saturday at noon. Wash out?!? Thanks ww!!!!

  2. Trying to decide if we should plan for an indoor venue. Thanks!

    1. Hey Larry sorry I never saw this Comment