Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Morning Weather Discussion

Good morning. Today I want to take a look at the weather pattern over the next two weeks in terms of what to expect on the front end of October. I had images to show, but they are not uploading today so I will just use text. I'll insert images later tonight. 

To start off this week expect more warmer than normal temps. A lot of places will see 80 today and 70's for the rest of the week. We might have some unsettled weather mid weak with some low pressure developing off shore, but not much of a concern at this time.

The big changes will come this weekend as a cold front pushes into our area due to a approaching trough in the jet stream. Expect some possible shower activity Saturday due to the approaching front and by Monday don't be surprised if temperatures only reach the low 60's. Along with this approaching trough in the jet stream, I am still keeping my eye on possible storm development but there is nothing of significance on the models at this time. 

Temps then should moderate by middle to end of next week and we will see more seasonable conditions. As this is occurring I see evidence of a big reload of the weather pattern for late October which would bring a big shot of cold air to end the month.

On another note I am keeping an eye on snow growth over Siberia which will have an impact on my winter forecast. Right now snow growth is above normal. However, I need to keep a close eye on this for another few weeks. More snow growth tends to lead to a colder winter based on its impact on the upper air pattern. Its one of many factors I look at but still the jury is not out on this one. 

I will upload graphics later tonight. 

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