Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Weather Update: More Storms Coming Our Way

More of the same today as a powerful cold front approaches our region sparking more heavy showers and possibly severe thunderstorms. This is all due to a unseasonably cool air mass approaching the eastern third of the country. I talked about last week how its like a winter pattern in the middle of July. Take a look..

Very deep trough over the eastern third of the nation and that will cause temperatures in some places to drop to up to 25 degrees below normal for the central states. We will cool down the middle of this week into the 70's and low temps in the low 50's as a result of this front.

For today storms will start to fire up by this afternoon, I included an image of the simulated radar for 4pm today..

There is enough instability in the atmosphere that some of these storms can be severe with high winds and frequent lightning.

This all is clear by the end of the week and we have a nice weekend ahead..

Temps will warm up again over the next few weeks as they normally do in the summer, however any shots of heat will be short lived. We are locked into a stormy pattern for the foreseeable future and into Aug. All the result of our upper air set up.

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