Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Weekly Weather Summary & Long Range Peak

Good morning, the weekend turned out to be great weather wise so what will this week bring? Well today will be another summer like day with alot of sunshine and temperatures around 80 degrees. As we approach tomorrow a front will be approaching our area causing a decent chance at thunderstorms by the afternoon. I will be keeping an eye on this tomorrow as some of the storms can have heavy rain and winds.

Moving into Wednesday things will settle down again as another desturbance arrives just in time for Thursday morning bringing us more rain and storms..

After this blows through however the weekend is setting up to be beautiful with temps back in the high 70's with mostly sunshine!

Here are the high and low temperatures for the week as projected by the European model- as time goes out there is more of a spread due to uncertainty..the peaks are highs, the valleys lows for that given day if you look at the block boxes

Now lets start to look at the long range. I will be putting out a more detailed long range outlook sometime this month including a first glance at Winter 2015 but for now lets look at what the models are saying.

For June: I mentioned last week I do not expect a warm June or a very hot summer this year. This is due to a variety of factors such as high latitude blocking. As we go out into the month you can see the model is showing more of a trough over our area which means colder stormier weather..

Notice the high pressure over Greenland, this helps the trough over the east.  Here is what the model is saying for temps all month..

Now to have a little fun, how about January 2015??

Remember these are just models and models this far out can be wrong very very often so it is very important to look at other factors such as Sun activity, ocean cycles, high latitude wind patterns ect to make a more accurate forecast. I will break down all those factors when I put out my more detailed thoughts on the summer and next winter later this month. 

Enjoy the week. 

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