Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cold to the West Warm in the East

I am still keeping my eye on the unsettled weather towards the end of this week into early next week. The question is not will it rain but how quickly it will change to rain on Sunday. Right now I would say a little accumulation in the northern counties maybe a few inches before it changes over to ice then rain Sunday night. Before hand on Friday we will see some rain enter the area which might end in some flakes late Friday night. Although most of the country is in a very cold weather pattern, it does not support a cold and stormy east coast yet. Once we get some high pressure over Greenland which might happen later this month, it is game on. Until then check out how cold it is in the center of the country towards end of this week..

Departures from normal- over 30 degrees below normal in pink spots!

More detail on the late weekend situation and pattern for December tonight. It would be nice if we could squeeze out a few inches to start the season. 

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