Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Morning: My First Prediction on Thanksgiving Storm Impact and Track

Afternoon update: Models very close to converging but still some differences. It will all come down to the speed and phasing of the two systems. In any event this looks to be a interior snow event and rain along coast and I-95 Next update late tonight.


Good Morning..I go through my initial prediction for this storm in the video below. It now looks likely this is going to really impact travel on Wednesday just in time for the Thanksgiving rush. I will be updating blog frequently from this point forward and also will be on twitter @weatherwilly

Media outlets will now really start to hype this, but remember we still have 5 days to go.

Details below...

Here is map included in video on my initial thoughts for precipitation type..

Next update coming later tonight..if storm track in my expected range, I will post potential snowfall sometime this weekend.

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