Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Morning...I like what I have, Northern Zones Like I said Close Call

Good Morning..overall the storm is on track. I will give fair warning for bust potential in our northern zones. My forecast is not perfect, I will be the first to admit it. I think when this is all said and done our central and southern zones fall correct with my posted amounts but to the north we will be on the lighter side. I will note however, that the actual precipitation shield is a litter further north than what the model has by about 30 miles. This can make things interesting as things unfold today.  lets take a look at some radar images...

Above is the storm currently. You can see the heavy precip in south jersey. This is mostly all snow and has started to accumulate in these areas. North of I-78 a flake has not fallen yet. This is expected and by this afternoon the radar should look like this...

As you can see the north part of our area is right on the fringe, and the central and south are getting hammered by heavy snow. So although it will snow everywhere that I am sure of, the accumulations to the north are going to come down to the wire. Yes, I know the national weather service has only had us in the 1-3 inch amounts in north jersey since yesterday and my amounts are higher. However, lets not forget I posted my initial map for all regions on Friday long before anyone else. So although I will be wrong in some areas, I hope people who read this will appreciate the stance I took days in advance on this system. Lets see how this plays out today and if we get thrown any surprises. I will update again around lunch time...thanks for checking in.

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