Monday, March 18, 2013

6pm Quick Update

Snow has spread into the whole region and will continue as snow for the next few hours in many spots. North and West should stay snow till aroind midnight then change to ice then possibly some rain.  I want to clarify that areas in north jersey that I have on my map as rain means it will start as snow as it is now, but will not accumulate much if anything (areas near NYC). 

I want to note that as I mentioned this morning this storm has potential to surprise to the upside w snowfall amounts. The low pressure system and cold high pressure to the north are slightly varied from where model said they should be at this time. I want to stick w my original perdition because I do not like to flip flop, but keep this in mind.

Tomorrow morning will be icy for areas north and west which includes western Morris county Sussex county and higher elevations of central morris county so be careful. 

After this storm passes tomorrow my eyes are still on a potential major storm threat early next week..I will do an in depth analysis on its potential tomorrow night if it still looks promising.

Lets see how my prediction of snowfall totals plays out tonight..scroll down page for video and snowfall map posted over the weekend

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