Saturday, February 2, 2013

What to Expect Tonight With the Snow: 1-2 IN

Happy Ground Hog Day..looks like the groundhog is fed up with this winter as well with the lack of a big snow event so he is ready to pack it in. As we have become accustomed to, another round of light meaningless snow will enter our area tonight. Expect it to start sometime after dusk, and last until the early morning hours before daybreak Sunday  It will be a very cold snow so not much liquid will be required to pick up a few inches. Models range the output of liquid right now from .1-.2 in. At snow ratios of 20:1 that't about 1-locally 3 inches. In general I think its safe to say 1 in is the accurate mark. That will be wide spread over the area most of the readers of this blog reside. Some areas will see a little less and some areas around central NJ can see a little more.

For the long term February does still look promising to produce a big weather event. It is not like the factors are not there, they have just yet to come together as we need them for a big storm so far this year. We have about 5 weeks left of storm producing winter so lets see what happens. Once anything that looks remotely exciting starts to materialize in the long term I will be sure to dive into more detail. But for now, expect more of these small light snow episodes over the next week.

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