Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday 8PM: Initial Projection of Snow Totals for Fridays Event

I am beginning to look very closely at the snowstorm that will hit our area this Friday. We are still 4 days out but I am going to take a shot tonight at giving my initial best guess estimate for accumulations. Not all models are in perfect agreement on the track of this system. Some keep a tremdous amount of cold air all the way down into Delaware while others keep south jersey and Delaware out of the heaver snow. In general, the areas that get hit the hardest will see 4-6 locally 8 inches of snow. A lot of this will be due to the high snow ratios because of the cold air in place. Right now it looks like snow will spread into the region late Friday morning and continue into Friday night which could be an issue for the commute home Friday evening. Here is my initial estimate of what snow totals will be...i strongly recommend anyone who starts to read these totals check in daily as I may have to update the amounts as we get closer to the event...but here is the initial map...

Check in tomorrow for more updates

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